red bank what's going on herefair haven post office signIt took months of complaints by a frustrated postal clerk, plus some attention by redbankgreen, but the Fair Haven Post Office finally has an identifying sign out front.

What’s Going On Here? Read on.

The absence of a sign for almost three years irritated Joe Shevlin, the sole clerk at the River Road facility. As previously reported, Shevlin was concerned that passersby might think the office was permanently closed after a 2017 remodeling of the shopping center in which it’s located.

That, in turn, might depress usage of the facility, Shevlin said. He worried that would lead the postal service not to renew its lease, which ends in May, 2022, he said.

On Thursday, after an exchange of internal emails in which a postal official noted that the repeated delays were “gathering unnecessary attention and reflecting poorly on our organization,” the signage was installed on the facility’s facade.

A hand-lettered cardboard sign that had been taped to the front window for months was gone.

Shevlin was not available for comment Thursday.