hot topicDear redbankgreen reader:

You are no doubt aware that the local-news industry is collapsing, and understand what that might mean for the future of an informed public and for democracy itself.

And yet, redbankgreen has somehow managed to provide original and intensely local coverage of the Red Bank area for 14 years, at no charge.

Yeah, so how’s that work?

It’s been a minor miracle, to be honest, and we owe a debt of gratitude to all of our advertisers for their role in it. Some of the most valued are named below.

Now, though, with the crushing impact of the COVID-19 crisis on small business accelerating other trends unfavorable to news operations, it’s clear that advertising alone is no longer going to sustain a mom-and-pop like redbankgreen – which today begins its 15th year.

But there is a future, and it is you, our community-minded readers.

In order to continue delivering the information you consider vital to your understanding of local issues, we’re implementing a membership-driven business model – while continuing to connect local merchants and readers.

No, at this point we’re not putting up a paydoor (we abhor the term ‘paywall’), so there’s no change in what you can access. But it is time to wind down the 14-year free trial period.

So: we’re asking you to do two things.

One is to take a minute to consider the value redbankgreen adds to your life here on the beautiful Greater Red Bank Green. Just think: how often does this publication come up in conversation with family and neighbors about issues you care about?

The other is to become a member right away, and thus help ensure our longterm sustainability. Memberships are priced at $80 per year prepaid, or $7 a month. That’s less than you’d pay for one cup of WaWa coffee a week. We hope we provide at least as much sustenance.

You’ll soon start seeing a pop-up on this site asking you to register for the new redbankgreen newsletter, which will deliver the latest headlines right into your email inbox. The newsletter is FREE, and will feature the return of an old favorite: Where Have I Seen This?, a weekly photo teaser to test just how well you know the Greater Red Bank Green.

Once you’ve registered for the newsletter, you’ll be prompted to begin a membership, and again, we hope you’ll lock in your commitment to this site.

Meantime, we’re already back out there reporting on news and issues that might never see the light of day if not for redbankgreen, getting ready to post article number 14,235, and looking forward to the years to come.

John T. Ward


* Big thanks to our loyal advertisers, including:

Guy at the Antique Center of Red Bank

Stew at Monmouth Meats

Jamian at Jamian’s Food and Drink

Karen at River Road Books

George at Preferred Properties

Steve at Red Bank Frameworks

Ray at Azalea Gardens

Peter at Curchin & Co.

Red Bank RiverCenter

Count Basie Center for the Arts

…and too many others to name. Please be sure to do business with them when you can.