With his daughters and Fair Haven police Chief Joe McGovern looking on, newly-promoted Captain Robert Townshend got a congratulatory kiss from his wife, Jackie, at Tuesday night’s council meeting.

The kiss had a dual significance.

Townshend had just been sworn to the long-vacant position in the department where he began working as a part-time dispatcher 24 years ago, rising most recently to the rank of lieutenant.

“I need to acknowledge that his is a very special occasion, obviously, for me, and it’s an honor,” Townshend told the audience. “But it’s really only the second-best thing to happen to me on this date, because it was 19 years ago today that my wife and I were married.”

The Townshend’s two daughters, Mary (seen above) and Abby, participated in the swearing-in.

(Photo by John T. Ward. Click to enlarge.)

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