A proposed development calling for 45 apartments Monmouth Street in Red Bank would have an “unnoticeable effect” on traffic, a consultant told the zoning board Thursday night.

With a total 15 vehicles moving in or out of the site during the peak morning hour, and fewer in the evening, the development “really doesn’t change the level of service” in the immediate area” of 121 Monmouth Street, said traffic engineer Hal Simoff, testifying on behalf of developer Michael Salerno.

His conclusion, Simoff said, took into account existing conditions as well as the anticipated effect of approved-but-unbuilt projects nearby, including a plan for 32 units directly across the street, at 120 Monmouth, approved by the same board last August.

Simoff also said the 59 parking spaces to be provided onsite, beneath three floors of residential units, would be more than sufficient.

Simoff’s testimony was unchallenged, though a lawyer for the nearby Station Place apartments told the board he planned to bring in traffic and planning experts to testify when the hearing continues June 16, or at the board’s July 21 session.

The irregularly shaped site abuts properties owned by the Red Bank Charter School on both Monmouth and Oakland streets.

(Rendering by SOME Architects. Click to enlarge.)

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