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JessocaRBR softball coach Denise D’Esposito is pictured at left with her star player Jessica Stevenson, who made school history in May as the first softball player to achieve 100 hits.  She is also the third ranked hitter in the school, just behind the school’s two top baseball hitters.

Press release from Red Bank Regional High School

Jessica Stevenson, Red Bank Regional High School softball captain, first baseman and top hitter, took the plate on May 9,oblivious to the anxiety that permeated the audience and the dugout. And then, with the crack of her bat yielding a solid double, the atmospheric tension was replaced with screams of joy at the history-making event. Jess Stevenson became the first softball player in RBR history to reach the magical 100 hit mark.

“I knew I was close, but had no idea that I had just done it; everyone else knew though. They stopped the game to let me know and gave me a the game ball,” she explained

Jessica continues to set RBR records with every hit she makes in this her senior year and last season at RBR. She has compiled other records and accolades including the top home run record (19 so far) and was named to the All Shore Conference third team and All Central Coaches’ All-Division Team as a freshman and the B-North Coaches’ All Division Team as a junior. She also currently stands as the third top hitter in the baseball/softball program just behind the two top baseball hitters in school history.

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RBR acad athletesRBR celebrates its Academic Athletes, who earned a coveted Varsity letter for achieving an A in every subject from the preceding year. RBR awards these letters in the traditional of how schools celebrate athletic excellence.

Press release from Red Bank Regional High School

Brain muscle and hard work earns Red Bank Regional High School’s top academic achievers their very own varsity letter to sew on a varsity jacket.  The tradition began many years ago, when the school district sought to encourage and honor academic excellence the same way it honors its top athletic achievements — with a varsity letter.

At a recent Board meeting, RBR Guidance Supervisor, Dawn Kazsuba told a packed audience of proud parents, “In order to earn an Academic Varsity letter, students must maintain a straight A in every marking period of the preceding year. Any one of these students will tell you that is not an easy task. It requires hours and hours of study, preparation and dedication.”

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