Linda Chorney — seen here playing Led Zeppelin’s “Going to California” last July at the Count Basie — scored herself a Grammy nomination in what could prove to be the award ceremony’s biggest kerfuffle since Milli met Vanilli.


Last time redbankgreen looked in on Linda Chorney, the Beantown-bred, Sea Bright-seasoned singer and songwriter was conducting a public-welcome video shoot at the now-defunct NovelTeas in Red Bank — a call keyed to her playfully provocative tune “Tea Bag Party People” and a happening that drew a spirited response from the redder banks of the greater Green.

Although it’s posted for perusal online, the finished track wasn’t included On Emotional Jukebox, Chorney’s self-released, self-distributed release of 2011, and a project that, as its title suggests, mood-swings its way through pop, folk, country, R&B, a fully arranged chamber symphony, classic rock covers — and Americana.

Which may have been a wise choice, too, because when the 54th Grammy Award nominations were announced recently by the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences, Chorney was right there on the list alongside Kanye, Katy and Kid Cudi.

How the record — which, despite the contributions of people like Letterman bassist Will Lee remains an obscurity with no in-store distribution — came to be a candidate for Best Americana Album is one of the most fascinating stories ever to emerge from Grammyland, in part because it appears to have put a bee in the bonnet of the Americana music establishment.

“I am Occupying the Grammys — I am the 99%,” Linda Chorney told Christopher Morris in a story that currently appears on “I’m the middle-class that got a friggin’ shot, and I got in there.”

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