ZZ-TOP-2014-photo-2One of the longest-running lineups in popular music, ZZ Top brings fifty shades of electrified boogie blues (and a touch or two of grey) to the Basie stage on Wednesday. 

Cream turned sour before long, and the Stray Cats were put down. Mountain became a molehill; the Police a case of arrested devleopment. Hard as it is to keep a band together (and yet not so close they’re at each other’s throats), it seems especially tough to navigate the three-for-all that is the trio format.

So give all due props to the longbearded pops of ZZ Top, the guitar-bass-drums force of nature that first blew like a twister out of Tejas in the lunar-landing/ Miracle Mets year of 1969 and comes to the Count Basie Theatre in Red Bank on Wednesday for a date rescheduled from autumn 2014.

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