There were two big surprises (for the redbankgreen staff, that is) arising from last week’s ‘Where.’

One was the strong number of responses, most of them correct. The other was the guess from someone who we like to think of as a Mr. Red Bank-type (no, we won’t embarrass him by revealing his identity) who thought the picture captured a scene from Atlantic Highlands.

Atlantic Highlands? Where the heck is that?

No, the photo was snapped looking east down the alleyway between the Two River Theater and the building that houses B&B Saddlery, Danny Sanchez Photographer, Kurani Interactive and maybe some other businesses that we’re not familiar with.

Among those who got it right were Jenn Woods, a devotee who gets onto the ‘Where’ podium with regularity; Bob Rechnitz (who should know; he built the theater and is directing ‘True West’ there now); Bob Colmorgen (who informs us newbies that before it was a saddle store, it was an auto parts place and, before that, a coat factory); Chuck Lambert; David Hollander; Alex Turoczi; JOHNNYSTUF and Eileen Weller.

First in, though, was John de la Parra. Congrats to John and thanks to all who emailed us.

Do you recognize this week’s image? Reflect on it a bit if you must, and then email us your guesses, please.

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