The Asbury Park Press is reporting that a coyote was struck by a car in Middletown this morning and put down on the scene due to its injuries.

From the posting:

A motorist reported about 6:10 a.m. today finding a wounded coyote on Holland Road near the AT&T facility, according to a news release issued by the township.

The male coyote, which was less than one year old, had been hit by a motor vehicle and was severely wounded. The animal was euthanized, the release stated.

Police and animal control officials responded to the call.

The Division of Fish and Wildlife confirmed that the animal is a coyote and they are expected to examine it and test it for rabies, according to the release.

Residents are reminded not to allow or leave small children and pets outdoors without supervision. If you see a coyote, call police at (732) 615-2100.

Coyotes, long unsuspected of having much if any presence in New Jersey, have been in the news here due to two attacks on children since April and an incident in which one of the animals was shot to death by a police officer. All those epiodes occurred in Middletown.

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