The works of John Powell, and the painter himself, arrive in Red Bank this weekend just as our part of the world is garlanded with some of the most startling colors of nature.

So, too, are many of Powell’s landscapes and still lifes crammed with the colors of spring. Which is not to suggest that he’s exclusively a ‘spring’ visualist; a perusal of his work shows dramatic shifts in tone, mood, and temperature.

But it’s the electric yellows and gentle violets that are are likely to captivate visitors to the Beacon Fine Arts Gallery at its one-man show of Powell tonight and tomorrow night.

This is likely to be the artist’s last major show, says gallery owner David Griswold.

“He’s 70 years old, and is at a point where he doesn’t want to do any more shows,” he says. “And the work really shows that. He’s been working on these newest paintings for two years, and he really went all-out.”

Powell, who lives in Santa Ynez, Calif, will be available to sign copies of his bok, ‘The Work of John Powell: His Life.’

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