Like the Democratic primary, this thing seems to go on and on.

Well, maybe this will end it… or maybe not.

A state Appeals Court today ruled in favor of former Heisman trophy winner (and Citigroup bigwig) Pete Dawkins and his wife, Judith, in a challenge brought by their Wall Street billionaire Rumson neighbor, Mickey Gooch, and his wife, Diane, publisher of the Two River Times.

At issue is a ginormous poolhouse the Dawkinses want to build on their West River Road property on the Navesink.

They can go ahead and build it, the three-judge panel ruled.

But just in case this isn’t the end of the battle, the court also disqualified the law firm Ansell, Zaro, Grimm & Aaron from representing the Gooches any further in this case, finding that the firm had a conflict of interest.

Gooch is the founder and chairman of GFI Inc., a Wall Street firm.

Here’s the full text of the decision: Download gooch_v. dawkins.pdf

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