Img_9577The new sign, visible from Route 35/Riverside Avenue heading south across West Front Street.

A welcome sign that the Red Bank Human Relations Committee bought got for free earlier this year to promote community togetherness has been posted at Veteran’s Park, the triangle at Riverside Avenue and West Front Street.

We’re not sure if this is a sign of widespread weirded-outness, but two redbankgreen readers who wrote in last week to tell us the sign was up both sensed something odd about it.

Said Alicia Woods:

It sounds like an ad for a gated community…or an apartment complex……anybody else think it is strange, or am I the only one?

Well, no, in fact. When told what Alicia had said, Jim Willis (who had also written in to tell us he’s just noticed it) replied:

It did feel a little like I was entering some weird kind of government-sponsored ‘don’t ask-don’t tell’ zone.

Does anyone else detect a ‘stay tuned for utopia’ vibe? Or is it perfectly sensible and appropriate? As always, we welcome comments.

The Human Relations Committee next meets at 6p on Wednesday, June 25 in the council chamber.

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