Img_0460Hinck_philThe last pieces of the race timing equipment being dismantled at 10:15a; race director Phil Hinck, right.

It may not be entirely disruption-free.

There was, for example, the matter of the woman in labor attempting to reach Riverview Medical Center by car as a throng of runners crossed West Front Street enroute to a post-race party down at Marine Park.

But the George Sheehan Classic road race has got to score well for event efficiency.

At 10:15 Saturday morning, less than two hours after the five-mile race went off, Mike Tierney at No Joe’s was experiencing his busiest day of the year, and every sidewalk table at the River’s Edge Cafe was also taken, mostly by people in running clothes.

The streets themselves, though, were free of runners and walkers, except for Phil Hinck and members of his crew. Hinck was in the middle of Broad Street near Wallace Street overseeing the last few items on his post-race to-do list.

“Looks like we’re going to beat our record,” he told redbankgreen.

All that remained to be carted off at that point were a couple of pieces of superstructure from the finish line and a bunch of port-a-potties on Wallace.

At that moment, the truck that was to retrieve the loos showed up.

As for the pregnant woman, when they realized the state of urgency, the pedestrians parted and cheered her on her way.

redbankgreen will have race pix later today. Meantime, check out the results board to see who ran, and how they did.

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