BoroughwebsiteThe website Red Bank officials want to replace.

Looks like Red Bankers will be stuck with the borough’s clunky website for a while longer.

Two weeks ago, Mayor Pasquale Menna announced that the borough would be getting a new website within days, gratis.

The site, he said, had been built by C3 Citizen Communication Center on the expectation by the firm that it was a lock to get a contract to build and maintain such a site for $2,000 a month.

According to Menna, C3 had even said it would post and update the new site after objections to the deal led Menna to back away from the unsigned agreement.

But the site wouldn’t have citizen-notification features included in sites the Nutley-based firm created and maintains for Fair Haven and Middletown, he said.

Last night, though, Menna said there had been a misunderstanding.

The new site was not ready, he said.

“The information that was given to me turned out not to be fully conforming” with the actuality, he said. “The work is not done.”

Menna apologized for the mistake.

Also last night, Councilwoman Kathleen Horgan said the borough is preparing requests for proposals from web design firms interested in building the new site.

At the January 26 meeting, Menna said that the education and technology committee Horgan heads “will be holding a number of public discussions, here in the council
meeting room,” about what the borough needs and wants its website to do.

Horgan tells redbankgreen that she will push for such meetings before the RFPs are issued.

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