Noworbiting_icon Kingart It’s Theater Week of sorts in Red Bank oRBit!

It just sort of works out
that way, as the coming days see the openings of no fewer than five new
productions in the area — all of them worth checking out for their own

Today we look in on the imminent debut of KINGDOM, a Hip Hop musical study
on the lure of gang life — brought to Asbury Park for its East Coast
premiere by the professional ReVision Theatre Company.

Back on the banks of the Navesink, we shoot off a reminder of this week’s
big fundraising bash for the annual KaBoom Fireworks on the Navesink display. It’s the 50th
year for the July pyrotechnics, and the folks on the KaBoom kommittee are
throwing a catered cocktail party at the historic Monmouth Boat Club boathouse,
lighting a collective fire under all those who want to make this one a
signal occasion.

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