Ledger Live host Brian Donohue again uses his hometown Red Bank as the backdrop for his daily vidpost, this one featuring him seated outside Zebu Forno as he riffs, bloggerlike, on the friction between GOP gubernatorial contenders Chris Christie and Steve Lonegan.

Among the issues: did Christie mock Lonegan's vision in an ad?
Not his political vision, his literal ability to see. Lonegan is legally blind.

Frankly, though, it's a debate we couldn't focus on, because we were distracted by another vision issue: why is the streetscape in reverse?

Look at the Wisteria sign at the far left: the text is backwards. So is the text on the Eatontown TV truck that passes by.

Zebu is on the west side of Broad Street. So if the street is to the left of the frame, as it appears in the video, the camera should be facing south. But instead, what you see in the distance is the scaffold surrounding 2 Broad Street, which is to the north of Zebu.

We emailed Donohue demanding an noitanalpxe. His reply:

Hey, Ward – you’re the hyperlocal blogger with his ear to the ground. How could you could not have noticed that while we slept last night, all of Red Bank was somehow reversed.  I noticed this morning my neighbor’s dog barking backwards – he was opening his mouth saying Ffur! Ffur! Better work your sources on this. Mine are telling me that that band of eco-vigilantes sprucing up the Maple Ave boat launch failed to check with the boro about their plans and hit some kind of underground cable when they were removing Japanese knotweed from the boat launch. Switched the whole town to a negative image of itself. (we should have known that type of citizen involvement can just lead to disaster, no?)

Anyway, it’s either that or some kind of quirk with the iCam on my mac.

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