Today’s edition of Red Bank oRBit offers up a story that you can say has been months in the making — our guide to outdoor dining in the borough of Red Bank. It’s a story that we’ve been meaning to get to for several weeks now, but it seemed as if every time we stuck our head outside the dugout, the game got called on ‘count’a’rain.

oakbridgeburgersmallWell, even though it’s still piddling outside as we type this, we’re going to declare the start of summertime outdoor dining season officially open — with our comprehensive culinary cavort through the sidewalk tables and sunset vistas; the courtyards and the “convertibles;” the patios and the, well, parking lots.

We’ll give you a cheerfully opinionated roundup that takes in everything from the dock-and-dine glamor of Pearl at Oyster Point to the trafficky clamor of Strollo’s Lighthouse; from newcomers like The Boondocks, to newly renovated landmarks like The Dublin House — to neatly reinvented best-kept-secrets like the Red Bank Beer Garden, home to the formidable Oak Bridge Burger pictured here.

Trust us, you won’t even miss the ocean views. And besides, you can always take that romantic walk on the beach later.

It’s all here and now in oRBit, your streetside seat for the best people-watching views in the RB universe.