In honor of National Hot Dog Month, redbankgreen tips its trucker’s cap today to the men and women of the The Green who work the roller grills and ‘dirty water’ pots to provide us with a favorite culinary indulgence.

Actually, a cursory review of the web turns up lots of unsupported media claims that this is hot dog month, or that one day or another is National Hot Dog Day, but we’ve been unable to find anything official.

Still, if July isn’t hot dog month, it ought to be. So before the month is out, please stop by one or more of our favorite tube steak vendors for a dog:

Mrs. Rooney, on Ocean Avenue in Sea Bright, who took over a 12-year-old pushcart business in 1977 and has been cheerfully working her corner ever since.

Gary Sable, of That Hot Dog Place at 30 Monmouth Street, Red Bank.

Steve Napolitani, of Mr. Pizza Slice at 10 Monmouth, who’s celebrating his fortieth year in business, speciaizing in Italian dogs.

Gus Tangalos, whose G&G Hot Dog Truck has been an institution on wheels at Shrewsbury Avenue and the New Jersey Transit tracks in Red Bank for 35 years — and whose grilled onions, says one customer, “are to die for.”

The Windmill, at 22 North Bridge Avenue, Red Bank, a place of gustatory distinction.