jb-mix-boardHas the sun set on the festival’s run at Marine Park? (Click to enlarge)


Following our report yesterday that the Red Bank Jazz & Blues Festival will decamp to to nearby Monmouth Park racetrack this June and may not return, redbankgreen hit the streets to take the pulse of the people, and asked one question:

What do you think about the festival leaving town for the racetrack this year?

Here’s what we heard:

regina-ronan22“It’s not good for Red Bank because we’re trying to attract more people to the stores and the restaurants, and that’s a big crowd pleaser that attracts a good crowd.”  — Regina Ronan, 23, employee at The Bee’s Knees

jim-fitzmorris21“I would definitely play there [at the track]. If they’re committed to playing again in Red Bank, if they’re just doing it because they want to be a festival and Red Bank itself can’t guarantee it, then fine, I would go.” — Jim Fitzmorris, of Red Bank, and musician in the band, M’Zume.

danny-vespa21“It was good while it lasted . It’s alright, (Monmouth Park) is a good place.” — Danny Vespa, Red Bank resident of 41 years

christopher-james21“The jazz festival brought a lot of business into town. Everybody’s busy when it’s going on. We should have it here. It’s not a bad thing at all.” — Christopher James, bar manager for Ashes Cigar Club

taso-lyristis21“It’s hard to say if it’s going to hurt business, but it definitely sucks for the town. But what are you going to do?” — Taso Lyristis, owner, The Bistro at Red Bank

john-coccurello21“It doesn’t make much of a difference to us. There’s a lot of people in town but it really doesn’t do anything for us.” — John Coccurello, owner, New Corner Restaurant