Well, that was easy.

Too easy, according to more than one of the many readers who wrote in to identify last week’s ‘Where?’

Except for this: two of those who wrote in mistook the image for “Fair Haven Pharmacy.” Which just goes to show… something or other.

Our photo, of course, showed the side of Fair Haven Hardware, at the corner of River Road and Fair Haven Road.

Thank you to all who wrote in: Greg Maloof, Lindsey Hintelmann, Frank Bain, April Perpignan, J.C. Kelly, Jeff Senkeleski, Bruce Whitaker, Trish DePonti, Mallory Sustick, Brian Leddin, Trista Clayton, Anne Calistri, VJ354, Cindy Burnham, Ellen Clayton, Fred Blumberg, Brock Siebert, Wade Davis, Nick Lenczyk, Larry Quigley, the Colmorgen Clan, Cathy Swett, Sue McLaughlin, Jen Gallagher, Mike Halfacre and moparlary.

Recognize this week’s shot? Please send us an email telling us where you think this photo was taken.