lindachorneyBoth sides of the issue: Singer-songwriter Linda Chorney invites the public to take part in a bit of absurdi-tea during a video shoot in Red Bank this Sunday morning.

From NovelTeas Authors Aromas & Gifts comes word that the Bridge Avenue book salon/ tea room/ gift boutique established by Kim Widener will be playing host to a tunefully tea-zing reaction to a much-discussed political movement this weekend.

While it’s been a few months since we caught the savvy singer-songwriter Linda Chorney at work, we remain confident that this Shore transplant (and self-styled purveyor of “CHORNographEY”) can command any size space, from coffeehouse to cathedral, with her bracingly witty originals drawn from some true-life adventures on the dating scene (“Sit on the Steps,” “Fins”), along with Led Zep covers and other surprises.

We’ve also kept tabs on Chorney via some of her clever videos — check out the underwater ballet “Sink or Swim”  and the positively Chornographic “Wizard of Schlong.”

Now, for an upcoming video project, the singer has issued her own call to action this Sunday morning, May 2.

The video is based on “The Teabag Party,” a recently recorded track for her forthcoming sixth album, and a tune described as one in which “she points out her view of the absurdity in a fun way.”

The absurdity (absurdi-tea?) in question is the nationwide Tea Party movement, and Chorney’s not-shy take on the phenomenon comes to this local focal point of all things Tea as a way to “take back the tea,” and for which “special tea and scones will be served.”

The first 50 people to arrive will be accepted for Sunday’s video shoot. Arrival time is 10:45a (filming is from 11:00-12:30) and participants are asked to wear “fun, colorful attire.”

Also stated as prerequisites by Chorney are: (1)  “You want to have a great time!” (2) “You strongly believe the ‘Tea Bag Party Movement’ is lacking credibili-tea.” (3) “You have a favorite tea cup to bring and are prepared to do a little dancing! (Don’t worry…not expecting Baryshnikov or Paula Abdul…)”

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