More than a dozen responses came in regarding last week’s Where Have I Seen This?, and five of them had the same wrong answer.

We love when that happens!

Why? Because it serves as a valuable reminder that things are not always what they appear to be at first glance. That these databases known as the human brains are cluttered with information, but sometimes need a reboot, lest we be ruled by mistaken assumptions.

Plus, we just like foolin’ y’all.

All five of those readers thought our image showed a detail of Buona Sera retaurant and bar, at the corner of Maple Avenue and Monmouth Street in Red Bank.

In fact, the photo was taken at NovelTeas, Kim Widener’s book-readings space across Bridge Avenue from the Red Bank train station. The ironwork along the roofline is a vestige of a short-lived railing and grillwork business that had the space before NovelTeas.

To Wendy Spencer, Tom Allsman, Sandra Talarico, Joseph Sapienza, John Ekdahl, the Colmorgen Kids, Amanda no last name, Diane Carlton, William Sapienza, Coleen Dee Berry, Trish DePonti, Mark & Cindy Allen and Fred Blumberg: thanks for writing in!

Now, has your brain found a match on its hard drive for the image above? f you think you can identify the location, please drop us a line with the words ‘Where Have I Seen This’ in the subject line.