red-gingerRed Ginger Home is relocating from Monmouth Street to Broad Street at the end of the month. (Photo by Dustin Racioppi; click to enlarge)


Rcsm2_010508Five years ago, starting a new business on Broad Street wasn’t the most feasible plan for Rob Amend and Michael Yavorski, on account of the higher rents. So they went to the freshly-completed Noglows Building at 65 Monmouth Street, where they have built a broad client base and even won a few accolades along the way.

It recently came time for Amend and Yavorski to revisit the Broad Street idea. With a little help from stores moving out, an opportunity presented itself for the two to move their furniture and interior design business, Red Ginger Home, down the street.

“The rents are still not great on Broad, but five years ago we were a new business and now we’re established,” Amend said. “Now we feel comfortable expanding.”

They’ll set up shop at 48 Broad St., right in the heart of downtown, where they’ll have about one-third more room than they do on Monmouth. The space has been the home to a series of short-lived women’s clothing stores since the departure of Paul Schick’s UPS store to White Street in early 2008.dscf3026

“It’ll put us in front of more people, and give us more space to show more merchandise,” Amend said.

It also allows them to roll out new products. They’ve got upholstery lines, dining sets and wood pieces ready to bring into the new spot. Plus, they get to do more of something they’ve always wanted: decorate the walls with art.

Exciting stuff if you’re an interior decorator.

“It’s more excitement. There’s always anxiety in any change, but it’s really exciting for us because it makes us more visible,” Amend said. “It’s just a lot of great opportunities.”

The new store will be open at the end of October, Amend said. Meantime, the Monmouth location is holding its annual fall sale, with more-than-usual deals to be found.

There’s no immediate word on whether the space Red Ginger is vacating has been leased.