This week: Putting a little Whee! in your Where.

Can you ID the location? Drop us an e, please.

Last week, Where Have I Seen This? got sheepish.

The picture reminds us of the one about the woman riding on a train through the English countryside with a barrister when they spot a flock of sheep standing in profile in a meadow.

“Oh, look,” the woman says, “the sheep have just been shorn.”

“Well,” the lawyer replies, “on one side at least.”

OK, so anemic lawyer jokes know no borders.

Our sheep, do, though. That’s because they’re even more sheepish than the real thing: lawn ornaments that don’t move at all — contrary to to the impression left on one of our readers, who guessed our photo was from a farm in Lincroft.

This pair can be found in the front yard of a Rumson home on Ridge Road, at the corner of Center Street.

Thanks to all who wrote in: Jim & Kate Johnson, Mark Molzon, Chris Barnett, the Colmorgen Kids, Jackie Jones, Edward Keighron (who writes, “apparently they have eaten the lawn shark that had been there previously”), Trista Clayton, Liz Anderson, Ellen Clayton, Trish DePonti, Larry of Rumson DPW and Susan Boyce & Kevin Stone, in whose yard the unshorn sheep doth graze.

Merry Christmas, all!