boat-slipsThe newly rebuilt marina at Marine Park will no longer be reserved exclusively for Red Bank residents. (Click to enlarge)

Boat slips at Marine Park, a bond to cover pension costs and the red tape involved in opening a new business were among the topics tackled by Red Bank’s elected officials earlier this week.

• Boat slips: The borough council approved an increase in fees for boats docked at the municipal marina at Marine Park and a change in who gets them.

Fees now start at $75 per foot of boat length, at a minimum of $750 per boat for Red Bank residents, up from $50/500 per season. Non-residents will now pay $100 per foot, for a $1,000 minimum.

Borough Attorney Dan O’Hern said the two-tier pricing is permitted, but that the use of state Green Acres funding to rebuild the marine and park bulkhead last year prohibited the town from excluding non-residents from the marina. In the past, non-residents were put on a waiting list for slips.

• Refi bond: The council gave final approval to the issuance of a $575,000 bond to refinance pension obligations incurred by early retirements last year and anticipated this year.  The change is expected to save the borough $41,000 this year, said Administrator Stanley Sickels.

• Red-tape review committee: Councilman Mike DuPont proposed the creation of an ad-hoc committee to take a look at permitting and other hurdles faced by entrepreneurs trying to start businesses in town.

“Some new businesses have complained” about frustrations that arise as they try to get started, said DuPont. He said a committee that includes business owners and landlords “could come up with recommendations to streamline processes and permits. We need to make sure we have the welcome mat out.”

Mayor Pasquale Menna said he agreed that borough regulations “are too burdensome,” making business owners “just want to jump out a window.”