rb-restaurants-052711Citing last year’s success, downtown Red Bank restaurants will reprise Food & Wine Walk this summer, beginning Sunday. (Click to enlarge)


As if last weekend’s Riverfest wasn’t enough to show off Red Bank restaurants, downtown promoter RiverCenter is cueing up a post-park foodfest of its own — an entrée into summer, if you will — reinstating a biannual tradition sprung last spring that brought the crowds into and sent them all about downtown Red Bank.

So, if you haven’t fully digested the lobster, filets and burgers of last week, RiverCenter’s got a suggestion: walk it off. And grab a glass of vino while you’re at it.

Beginning Sunday, the downtown promotion agency re-establishes a wildly popular wend through the borough’s streets with the Red Bank Food and Wine Walk, a moveable sampling of just about everything Red Bank’s bistros, coffee shops and watering holes have to offer.

It goes like this: show up in Red Bank around 4 p.m., throw down $25 for a wristband and, well, that’s it. From there you’re on to laying out your own map, popping into participating businesses and making Costco-like pit stops for bites and swigs from Red Bank’s finest.

And it happens twice a month — every second and fourth Sunday —through the absolute dog days of August.

Here’s a list of participants, provided by RiverCenter. Asterisks denote locations where wristbands will be sold:

Blue Water Seafood (9 Broad St)
The Bistro at Red Bank (14 Broad St)
The Cheese Cave (14 Monmouth St)
*Danny’s Grill and Wine Bar (11 Bridge Ave)
*The Downtown (10 W Front St)
Front Street Trattoria (31 W Front St)
Gaetano’s (10 Wallace St)
La Pastaria (30 Linden Pl)
*Jamian’s Food & Drink (79 Monmouth St)
*The Melting Pot (2 Bridge Ave, The Galleria)
Monticello (69 Broad St)
New Corner (22 E. Front St)
*Pazzo (141 W. Front St)
*red (3 Broad St)
Readie’s Fine Foods (18 Monmouth St)
Smoothie King (65 Broad St)
Sugarush (37 E Front St)
*Teak (64 Monmouth St)
*Taste (2 Bridge Ave, The Galleria)
Temple (91 Broad St)
Yummy Yummy Good Stuff at Funk and Standard (40 Broad St)
Zebu Forno (20 Broad St)

For more info, call RiverCenter at 732.842.4244, or check out its spiffy new website,