stokaboka-072811Stokaboka Surf and Skate will likely close its doors for good by the end of the weekend, says owner Mike Boylan. (Photo by Stacie Fanelli. Click to enlarge)


rcsm2_010508An outgoing economic wave is claiming two stores on Monmouth Street in Red Bank: Board and beach outfitter Stokaboka Surf and Skate and Polish stoneware boutique Adams Imports.

Stokaboka, a destination for rail-riders and beach bums, cleared out a majority of its merchandise in this past weekend’s sidewalk sale, and will likely lock the doors by the end of this weekend, owner Mike Boylan tells redbankgreen.

“It’s more of an economy and internet thing,” said Boylan, who operated the store for six years with his wife, Kathleen. “There’s just a lot on the internet I just can’t compete with.”

adams-importsAdams Imports, at 24 Monmouth, is also closing. (Photo by Dustin Racioppi; click to enlarge)

Boylan, who owns the building containing the 1,800-square-foot first-floor space at 32 Monmouth, said he’ll put it up for rent.

The decision was difficult, he said, but the store, which has become as much a place to be as a place to shop, was no longer financially viable — which says a lot, considering he didn’t have to pay rent, he said.

“It was hard because we built such a community here with the kids,” said Boylan, of Atlantic Highlands. “The store became almost an entity. It was like a place to go.”

Since opening the shop, Boylan’s done work on the side in video and film production. He’ll focus his energy on that once the store moves out, he said.

At Adams Imports, a specialty housewares shop that Halina Kaminska-Adamski opened early on in the economic downturn, in 2009, the ‘for rent’ sign is in the window and the store’s been closed in recent days. A sign in the window reads, ‘Store Closing 50 – 70 % off.’

Kalinska-Adamski could not be reached for comment.

RiverCenter Executive Director Nancy Adams last week told redbankgreen that the store, which had offered a range of items priced from $50 to $400, slashed its prices about six months ago.

The space was previously occupied by Four Chicks and a Rooster, a housewares store that opened in 2007 and lasted less than two years, and Town Trimmings, a fabric store that held the spot for half a century.