A borough-owned lot at 41 Marion Street is ready for parceling out as community garden plots, organizers say. (Click to enlarge)

The summer doldrums may be upon us, but proponents of a Red Bank community garden say they’re finally ready to plant.

Here’s an email sent out Tuesday by lead organizer Cindy Burnham of Fair Haven:

The Red Bank Community Garden is up and ready to plant! Yes, it’s true. The group pressed hard for over a year for three other borough owned sites which they thought were much better sites, garden ready and much more accessible to all Red Bank Residents, but were told by the council that the only option for a community garden had to be on Marion St. Marion St. is just off of Harrison, near East Side Park. One block from Fair Haven. So much for accessibility to all RB Residents, but we are hoping that anyone in RB interested or wanting to garden will lease a plot, if not for this fall, reserve it for Spring 2013.

Last week 17 residents attended a mid summer meeting to discuss and plan the possibility of late season planting. There are plots 4 by 10, 4ft by 15 or plots that can be smaller or larger. Leasing plots to residents will be on a first come first serve basis. $25 to lease a plot with a one time fee of $25 to cover start up costs like fencing, mulch watering cans etc.. Next year, gardeners will have the opportunity to lease their same garden plot again and new gardeners will be picked by lottery. The garden will be open from 8am until dusk and yes, there will be rules that must be followed unlike the Fair Haven Fields Garden. Each plot will be tilled as it is leased. If you are interested in joining this Red Bank Garden Initiative and reserving a plot, you can send your check, made out to the RBGC, C/O Anne Jones, 62 Peters Place, Red Bank, N.J. 07701. The Garden Application, along with the rules can be downloaded by pressing the link. If you would like an application Mailed to you, please call 732-241-9532. We are also hoping that you will be able to pick up an application at Town Hall.

No link for the application was provided. We’ll insert it here once it’s available.