Ashley Dupré on Broad Street, Red Bank in early July. (Click to enlarge)


The post-courtesanship makeover of the once-infamous Ashley Dupré continues.

Confirming for the New York Post a condition she declined to comment on to redbankgreen two months ago, Dupré tells the tabloid she’s almost seven months pregnant and engaged to marry boyfriend TJ Earle, heir to a Monmouth County paving business.

“I can’t tell you when the wedding date is just yet,” Dupré tells the Post, where she was a sex advice columnist after being outed five years ago as the high-priced hooker who tangled limbs with New York Governor Eliot Spitzer, prompting his resignation two days later.

Dupré, who lives with Earle in the Locust section of Middletown, opened Femme By Ashley, a lingerie and swimwear shop, on Broad Street in Red Bank in May. The couple can often be seen exchanging affectionate hugs and kisses outside the store or lunching at nearby restaurants. though she appears to have been keeping a lower profile since her pregnancy became obvious.

In an interview in May, Dupré, now 27, told redbankgreen that she had moved on from the “mistakes” she made and was attempting to normalize her life. She wanted to be known as a business owner.

For his part, Earle, originally of Farmingdale, says he’s patched things over with his ex-wife over his well-documented affair with his now bride-to-be.

From the Post:

The pair embarked on a steamy affair, which TJ then said publicly was “a grave mistake.” But Earle and his wife, Alisa, have since divorced, and the break, we’re told, was “amicable,” paving the way for impending marital bliss with Ashley.

“TJ and his wife divorced over a year ago,” Earle’s lawyer, Mitchell Ansell, told us. “They divorced amicably. She has moved on, and he has moved on.

“There’s nothing scandalous. No one’s running around,” Ansell said. “[Ashley] is pregnant, and [TJ and Ashley] are planning on getting married.”

“We’ve all moved on and [are] doing great,” Dupre said. “Everyone is looking forward to the future.”