Ashley DuPre near her Red Bank boutique last summer. (Click to enlarge)


Red Bank lingerie merchant Ashley Dupré may have moved on, but a book publisher is clearly hoping her notoriety as the prostitute who abruptly ended Eliot Spitzer’s run as governor of New York has legs.

HarperCollins has just published an e-book titled ‘Tricks of the Trade,’ a collection of sex-and-relationship advice columns Dupré wrote for the New York Post until last year, when she opened Femme By Ashley, an underwear and swimwear shop on Broad Street.

From the HarperCollins press material on the book:

Filled with practical advice on every aspect of sex, love, and lust, Ashley Dupre’s column “Ask Ashley” doled out her unflinchingly honest, expert opinions on questions asked by New York Post readers, which ranged from threesomes to rubber fetishes to rekindling the romance, and even touched on what to do if you suspect your daughter is sleeping with the entire football team. Dupre took all of these questions in stride, gave plenty of sex tips, stressed the importance of honest and open communication, and taught us that a bottle of wine is always the answer.

Now, the New York Post has organized and made available Dupre’s nearly three years’ worth of columns in Tricks of the Trade, the definitive guide to picking up, hooking up, and having a sex life that rivals erotica.

Ask Ashley? We tried. Dupré fiance TJ Earle tells redbankgreen, via text, that she’s “not yet” commenting on the book. He declined to say where things stood with her pregnancy, widely reported last August.

In an exclusive interview last May, Dupré told redbankgreen that she was “just done with” her scandal-based persona, which included a nude spread in Playboy.

“I’m very private. People don’t believe that, but I’m a very private person,” she said. “I don’t want that life. I’m not looking to be in the press. I’m just looking to get on with my life.”