Beneath a cloudless sky, Sea Bright snapped back to life as a beach destination Monday, Memorial Day, seven months after Hurricane Sandy all but obliterated its downtown and oceanfront beach clubs.

One, Chapel Beach Club, above, boasted its restoration was “Done,” while work continued at the Valkryrie Squash Club. Elsewhere, beachgoers happily made due with less than full amenities. 

redbankgreen covered much of the town on foot Monday to see how things were going. We’ve got a dozen more photos after the jump… (Click to enlarge)

Water traffic sailed along while motorists inched into town overhead on the Rumson-Sea Bright Bridge. (Click to enlarge)

Lifeguards stood, and sat, at the ready at Seabright Beach Club. (Click to enlarge)

Hundreds of Ship Ahoy club members made due with mobile restrooms and some picnic tables where greater comforts were once standard.  (Click to enlarge)

Sunbathing under the swaying palms at Chapel Beach Club. (Click to enlarge)

Crowds were sparse, as usual, in the less-accessible North Beach. (Click to enlarge)

Surfrider Beach Club appeared well on its way to getting back to normal operations. (Click to enlarge)

Just north of town, a National Parks Service employee collected entry fees at Sandy Hook, where traffic was light at noontime.  (Click to enlarge)

Sea Bright’s municipal beach attracted hundreds, despite the absence of a nearby snack bar. (Click to enlarge)

A man sunbathed on the deck of the house undergoing elevation on Ocean Avenue in the North Beach section. (Click to enlarge)

Cars streaming into town at midday. (Click to enlarge)

A fisherman had a stretch of beach, and the Atlantic Ocean, all to himself in North Beach. (Click to enlarge)

The sidewalk leading into Sandy Hook from Sea Bright remains a storm-tossed wreck. (Click to enlarge)