Step right up, folks, and drop your guesses about the location of this week’s Where into this here mailbox, please.

Last week’s photo, showing tables and chairs roughly carved from tree trunks, were readily recognized by patrons of…

Undici Taverna Rustica, on River Road in Rumson, where they sit in the lovely patio.

Thanks to all who wrote in: Ray Pleis, John Ekdahl, Christine M. Delaney Friedauer, Christine Burke Eskwitt, Christine Jahnig, Eleanor Blass, Grace Wingerter, Craig Widmaier, Nancy Banta, Deborah Borrelli, Jenny Rossano, Mike West, J.C. Kelly, Ed Keighron, Walt Cuje, Eugenio Morales, Angel Marrero Jr. and Trish DePonti. Buon appetito!