This week’s Where Have I Seen This? reminds us that daylight saving time ends early Sunday, November 3.

Clocks “fall back” an hour. We get to sleep an extra hour, and there are sixty more minutes to ponder the location of the clock above. Once you’ve slept on it, send your answers to wherehaveiseenthis@redbankgreen.com, please.

Last week’s Where showed a large orange monolith amid some architectural decay.

rb anderson 102913Here’s another view of last week’s subject, as seen from Shrewsbury Avenue. (Click to enlarge)

Thanks to Lindsey Hintelmann, the Colmorgen Kids, Fred BlumbergĀ and Trish DePontiĀ  for writing in and correctly identifying the site: the rear of the longtime Anderson storage warehouse at Monmouth Street and Bridge Avenue in Red Bank.

The view is from Shrewsbury Avenue. Looks like a paint job on a portion of a structure transformed it into an eye-catching block of color. Anyone know who gets credit?

Thanks to all who wrote in.