Where_100313Except for the trim around the edges, and of course the string and nail, what you see above is an actual, unaltered photo. Do you know where it was taken? Send your best guess to wherehaveiseeenthis@redbankgreen.com.

Last week’s Where Have I Seen This? showed the words “Lamps,” “Shades” and “Repairs” cast as shadows on a floor as sunlight streamed in through an unseen window.

Emily Hertler got it immediately: the former home of Lamplighter and Tower Hill Antiques, at the corner of Broad Street and Harding Road in Red Bank.

The retail space has been idle since the October, 2010, death of owner Richard Valero and vacant for the last 14 months. A source tells redbankgreen that building is close to getting a new owner.

We’ve been here, of should we say ‘Where,’ before, having once featured the rooftop sculpture at that address as a Where.

Also correctly identifying our photo were Jackie Francisco, Steve Goldsmith, the Colmorgen Kids, Sandy Talarico, Trish DePonti and Jill Kozlowski. Thanks to all for writing in!