zaitooni 110813The hummus wrap and red lentil soup at Zaitooni Deli. (Click to enlarge)

The second in PieHole‘s occasional series on What’s for Lunch takes us to Zaitooni Deli, a cozy little nook on Mechanic Street in Red Bank that may just transport you to the Middle East for a few moments.

Our favorite from the extensive menu board, for now, may be the simplest: the hummus (Zaitooni spells it ‘humous’) wrap sandwich for $6, and the lentil soup, for $3.

Both are freshly made by Laudy Hage, who owns the eatery with her husband, Jamil.

“There’s nothing like fresh hummus,” says Jamil. Laudy’s secret is that she soaks the chick peas overnight before boiling them and combining them with garlic and lemon juice.

The soup, made with red lentils, potato, bay leaves, allspice and of course garlic, is deeply satisfying while offering a bit of zing for the tastebuds.

Last week’s What’s For Lunch featured a Danish tuna sandwich, with peas and corn, at Red Bank’s Danish Café . What are you having for lunch? Tell us about your favorite midday meal offering at a restaurant on the Green!