ferruccis gourmetThe Ranchero sandwich at Ferrucci’s Gourmet brings ‘just enough’ heat on seeded bread. (Photo by Jim Willis. Click to enlarge)


morsels mediumOn PieHole’s regular trips over to the Little Silver A&P in Prospect Plaza for good deals on organic milk (cheapest in town), we’ve often walked past the entrance to Ferrucci’s Gourmet. Until this week, though, we had never stepped in to the Italian market.

Wow, did we ever miss the boat.

The front door to Ferrucci‘s is like the closet door in C.S. Lewis’ The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe, only in this case opens onto a vast Narnia of old-school Italian specialties.

From cookies to a coffee bar to prepared foods and store-made sausage, we had no idea there was so much deliciousness hidden behind this unassuming strip-mall storefront.

We were there for lunch, and ordered up a couple of sandwiches: the Ferrucci’s special – cappy, soppresetta, fresh mozz and roasted peppers; and the Ranchero, with Buffalo chicken, pepper jack cheese, hot peppers and spicy mustard ($7.99 each sandwich).

It’s next to impossible to go wrong with Boar’s Head meats on great bread, especially with sandwich combinations like these – and there are several additional ‘signature’ combos to choose from, as well as a customize-your-sandwich option. The “special” was perfectly executed, with great salumi, silky mozz and sweet peppers.

For the Ranchero, we skipped the mustard, fearing wildfire heartburn with all those peppers and spicy chicken, but the sandwich brought just enough heat without ringing four-alarm fire bells. Served with lettuce and tomato, it was fresh, light and crunchy.

The bread comes from Il Fornaretto bakery in Bensonhurst and is exceptional. Tip: Ferrucci’s offers a variety of different loaves to go.

We’ll be back for further food explorations. Meantime, if like us you’re new to Ferrucci’s, tell owner Sandy D’Amico that PieHole sent you.