AUTHORITIES_MTOWN2-2014Two weeks after receiving supplies of Narcan, a new nasal-spray drug created to halt the deadly effects of heroin and other opiods, Middletown police notched their first “save,” the MTPD reported Friday morning.

An unidentified male arrest subject passed out from an apparent drug overdose while being processed at the station Thursday, Lieutenant Steve Dollinger tells redbankgreen.

Patrolmen Charles Higgins and Adam Colfer recognized the man’s symptoms and administered the Narcan, which “immediately counteracted the effects of the other narcotics and the prisoner jolted awake,” Dollinger said.

The man, whose identity was withheld, was transported to Riverview Medical Center for further treatment.

In recent weeks, the Monmouth County Prosecutor’s office, which has been on a campaign to battle resurgent use of heroin and related deaths, has outfitted every police department in the county with Narcan and trained cops in its use. The criteria for Narcan intervention include that victims must be unconscious.

All MTPD patrol cars are supplied with Narcan, Dollinger said.

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