RB parking app 101315LicPlate1File this under “who knew?” Since February, visitors to Red Bank’s business district have been able to use an app to pay for parking from their vehicles via cellphones or tablets, thus avoiding the payment kiosks, which are no fun in bad weather.

But the only public notice of this service that redbankgreen could find was a notice taped to a parking kiosk at the White Street lot.

According to parking division manager Bill Wilk, the system has about 50 regular users. Public utilities director Gary Watson said Thursday that he would look into putting up hard signs and getting the word out through Red Bank RiverCenter and other channels. 

Users can also pay for parking through the website of the app developer, MPay2. Both methods rely on an e-wallet model, similar to that used by EZPass, in which an account is established and funds replenished when the balance is depleted, according to MPay2. Users select the location and number of the parking space they’re in and prepay for a selected number of hours. A 25-cent processing fee is charged in addition to the time purchased. (Photo by John T. Ward. Click to enlarge)