Remember those great old Valentines that used to run each year in the classified sections of newspapers? Getting one was a thrill. But just sitting and reading them was a delight, too — a window on the ways people saw their relationships, and a great showcase of love, lust, affection, pathos and laugh-out-loud humor.

On February 14, redbankgreen will launch its first-ever Valentine’s page, which we’re calling Smooch. It’s a place where lovers, swooners and others aglow with amore can send their beloved a special message while proclaiming their love to the world.

But unlike the Valentine’s messages newspapers used to print, this one’s both mess-free and interactive, and comes with nice prizes.

Interactive? Yes. If the object of your affection claims your Smooch by matching his or her email address with one you’ve submitted at the time of your Smooch purchase, you’ll BOTH be entered into drawings for $200 worth of dining and shopping in downtown Red Bank, courtesy of Red Bank RiverCenter! (Giving your beloved’s email address is optional. See complete rules here).

So, are you ready to give somebody a great big Smooch this Valentine’s Day? Click here to order one in just seconds!