rb-ped-hit-121716Emergency personnel at the intersection of Broad Street and Pinckney Road Saturday afternoon. The same spot was the scene of a June, 2015 accident from which a pedestrian later died of her injuries. (Photo by John T. Ward. Click to enlarge)


HOT-TOPIC_03An elderly man was stuck and seriously injured crossing Broad Street in Red Bank Saturday afternoon, police said.

The identity and condition of the victim were not available two hours following the accident, which occurred at about 3 p.m. at Broad Street and Pinckney Road, said police Chief Darren McConnell.

McConnell said initial reports indicated that the victim was seriously injured. He was transported to the trauma center at Jersey Shore Medical Center in Neptune, McConnell said.

Information about the driver was also not immediately available, he said.

McConnell said it appeared the driver, in an SUV, turned left from Pinckney onto southbound Broad and “didn’t see the pedestrian in or near the crosswalk.”

The intersection has long been considered dangerous by pedestrians. A 78-year old woman struck by a truck at the same location in June, 2015 died the following month from injuries she sustained in the accident.

Jane Manning, a nearby resident who crosses at that location several times a week to shop at the supermarket, said she came upon Saturday’s disturbing scene as emergency personnel were tending to the victim, who appeared to have a head injury.

“He was alive and he was awake, but it was bad,” she told redbankgreen.

“Something has to be done,” she said. Manning said she and others had implored Red Bank officials to install a traffic light at Pinckney and Broad, “but of course they didn’t do anything.”

A traffic light was installed about 100 yards south as part of the application for what’s now a Walgreens store opposite the Foodtown, “but nobody walks down there to use it,” Manning said.

Mayor Pasquale Menna, in a response to a request for comment on the status of efforts to have Monmouth County, which controls Broad Street in that area, improve pedestrian safety at that location, said this via text:

The county performed the count and traffic flow tests for the roadway per the Chief and we are awaiting their recommendations so that we can enact them. It is a problematic intersection. We hope the injured person recovers. The police are investigating and the motorist has been cooperative.