Red Bank Regional cheerleaders, led by Coach Kristy Finck, at left, drop for pushups after the Bucs’ second touchdown Friday night. (Video by John T. Ward.)


hot topic red bank njAfter a one-week interruption, Red Bank Regional’s cheerleaders were back to doing pushups in support of the football team Friday night.

Under a custom said to have gone on for decades, RBR’s  cheerleaders match the number of points the Buccaneers have scored by pumping out pushups after each score.

As reported by redbankgreen, however, district Superintendent Lou Moore put a temporary halt to the custom on September 28, hours before a home game.

The reason, he said: someone had complained that the practice was “belittling” and “not respectful” to the cheerleaders. Moore said he paused the pushups so he could have an opportunity to meet with the cheerleading squad, coaches, students and other to discuss the complaint, he said.

Moore told redbankgreen via email Saturday that his decision to revive the practice “was based exclusively on feedback from the squad, who reported they wished to continue the practice after careful consideration of the issue.”

For Friday night’s home game, against Toms River East, the the cheer squad was busy, as the Bucs routed Raiders, 35-7, improving their record to 4-1.