Jon Greene during a recent rehearsal. (Photo by Allan Dean. Click to enlarge.)

Getting the members of the Red Bank Area Chapter of the Barbershop Harmony Society together for practice has not been possible during the pandemic.

And as the group has learned over the the past 13 months, rehearsing via Zoom just doesn’t cut it because of audio latency issues.

So director Craig J. Page found a workaround.

Craig J. Page directs the singers at a recent rehearsal. (Photo by Allan Dean. Click to enlarge.)

With the arrival of warm weather in recent weeks, Page has been keeping the all-male singers in the society’s Chorus of the Atlantic in tune by convening “carbershop” rehearsals in the parking lot of the Lincroft Presbyterian Church, at the corner of West Front Street and Everett Road.

There, on alternating Saturdays and Sundays, the men sing four-part harmony, barbershop style, from the confines of their cars, with the aid of cordless mics.

“Each singer (car) has a microphone that transmits to a mixing board,” said club officer Allan Dean. “That is played simultaneously through our car radio or headset.  It is kind of like singing along to the radio, except your voice is contributing to the sound.”

For more information about the chorus, check out its website.