Alexander In Ho Pane, John Franklin Cadamuro and Roman Devlin, with Fair Haven Mayor Ben Lucarelli, were cited by the borough council Monday night for recent work leading to their designation as Eagle Scouts.

The trio, members of Tower Hill Boy Scout Troop 67 of Red Bank, were recognized for their service projects, required to merit Eagle Scout status.

• For his project, Roman coordinated a beautification project at Maple Cove in Red Bank, where he and volunteers planted trees and plants, laid down mulch and removed trash to make the small-vessel launch area more inviting to the public.

• John built a bulletin board, also at Maple Cove, for use by the borough government and cove visitors. Using materials he solicited from local businesses, John built the bulletin board at his home and installed it with the help of fellow scouts and volunteers.

• Alexander created an “air bee and bee” to help preserve local populations of “solitary bees” at the community garden in Fair Haven Community Garden. The structure is expected to help build up the bee population, which in turn helps pollinate the garden.

The three were elevated to Eagle status at a Court of Honor held by the troop on June 13.