Supt Borman RumsonRumson Superintendent of Schools Dr. John E. Bormann (at right) discusses a group activity during the October 26th session of the Rumson School District’s “Parent Academy.”

Press release from Rumson School District

The Rumson School District recently sponsored a Parent Academy session, for the purpose of outlining Social and Emotional Learning initiatives taking place in Forrestdale and Deane-Porter Schools.  Over 90 parents of borough schoolchildren attended the event, held on the evening of October 26 and hosted by Superintendent Dr. John E. Bormann, Deane-Porter School Counselor Jessica Piernik, and Forrestdale School Counselor Jenn Crow.

“School is one of the few places where children are faced with social situations and conflicts that can be handled by working together with caring adults,” said Bormann. “This makes us an excellent proving ground.”

“We are supplying our students with a much-needed venue to make missteps in the presence of well-informed staff members who will correct them and guide them in the right direction.”

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Rumson momsPress release from Rumson School District

On Monday, February 23, the Rumson School District presented a parent “coffee chat” on the subject of Internet Safety and Cyber Bullying. The event was organized by Forrestdale School Guidance Counselor and Anti-Bullying Specialist Jenn Crow — and hosted by local parent and internet safety expert Tyna Kilbourne, who has a wealth of industry experience (having once spearheaded AOL’s Criminal Compliance Unit).

Kilbourne, who is a member of the Forrestdale School Safety Team, examined the “ugly side” of the internet, where predators abound, and addressed issues such as “perceived anonymity” that affect today’s school-age children.

“Statistics show that 92% of children in the U.S. have had some exposure to the internet or have some form of online presence by the time they are two years old,” Kilbourne told a surprised group of parent attendees. “And a question that parents should always be asking when their children are using internet technology is ‘what exactly are they doing?’”

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