You’d have thought it was a sweltering week in the dead of summer instead of the crisp, Thanksgiving-tinged days of autumn.

Last week’s Where, showing a blue and white striped fence, attracted 23 responses, which may be a record for this feature (we really ought to start keeping track of such critical data). And what brought most of them out was, of all things, Italian ice served by a business that’s closed for the season.

Which is to say the great majority of those who wrote in recognized the fence as the one behind Strollo’s Lighthouse, the landmark Italian ice joint at junction of Route 35, Rector Place and Bridge Avenue in Red Bank.

As we’ve seen in the past, there was some consistency in the mistaken answers. Three readers thought the fence was one behind Butch’s Car Wash on Newman Springs Road, and two associated it with Red Bank Marina.

Thanks to Larry Stein (of the Dueling Steins), Jessica Paviluk, Jenn Woods, Tim Lake, Kevin Maude, Alex Jones, Sue Noone, Johnnystuf, PK, Jeff Rivera, Stacey Kehoe, Pete DeFazio, Mark Molzon, Bob Colmorgen, Simply RB, Colin Hart, Alex Turoczi, Pam Borghi, Trish DePonti, medic1876, Jacqueline Patterson and Rich Hardy for writing in.

This week’s image might go well to some musical accompaniment. We’d love to hear your suggestions along those lines, but of course, we hope you’ll also tell us where you’ve see it. Just zap us an email, and type WHERE in the subject line, please.

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