Dub doorA heated tent awaits the throng of full-time and part-time Irishmen for today's St. Patrick's Day celebration at the Dublin House. Below, a view of the recently completed first-floor bar. (Click to enlarge)

Dub interior 2

Patrons of today's St. Patrick's Day celebration at the Dublin House in Red Bank are in for an eyeful if they haven't popped in since last year.

A top-to-bottom renovation of the historic structure that houses the Monmouth Street establishment — a project that began four years ago and continued without shutting the business down — has just been completed, says co-owner Eugene Devlin.

Dub interiorA view from the entrance to the first-floor bar.

Finished in stages, the project included the installation of an open-air entertainment area called Temple Bar; a complete overhaul of the second floor, with the installation of a new bar and spacious dining area; a remade first-floor dining room; and a makeover of the pub's foremost asset, a railcar-length first-floor bar.

All that remains of the project are finishing touches says Devlin.

The cost? "A serious amount of money," he says.

But today's event should not be construed as a grand opening. Devlin says an event to mark the completion of the project will be held in June.

Instead, today is a day to celebrate one's Irish and have bartender Noel Ryan draw a Guinness for you, complete with shamrock drawn in the frothy head.

The festivities begin at, ahem, 10a.

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