img_3702100609Volunteer first aiders talk to the driver, seated on curb, of a car that overturned on Spring Street in Red Bank this afternoon. (Click to enlarge)

In at least the second incident of its kind in Red Bank in little more than a year, a car has ended up upside-down after striking a parked utility trailer.

img_3706100609Police say the car struck the wheel well of the trailer parked at right. (Click to enlarge)

The latest incident occurred at about 2:30p today on Spring Street, just north of Highland Avenue.

Police say a car heading south on Spring flipped after it hit the wheel well of a contractor’s trailer.

The driver, who was not immediately identified, appeared unhurt and told emergency personnel on the scene that he did not want to go to a hospital to get checked out, police said.

A car flipped over on Broad Street in September, 2008, after it struck a landscaper’s trailer.