Will rubbing Buddha‘s belly, as folklore suggests, bring you wealth on this day of reckoning with the taxman?

Our Where-savvy readers will first have to locate the statue before cashing in on any returns. If you find it, or already know its location, please drop us an email us with WHERE in the subject line.

Regulars of the Broadway Diner on Monmouth Street in Red Bank were enlightened about the location of last week’s image.

As Pete DeFazio writes: Go to the first booth on the left, after the counter, order a glass of orange juice, and you’ll see the juicer which bears a resemblance to SpongeBob Squarepants in action.

Thanks to Pete and all who wrote in: Pete, J.C. Kelly & Family, Alycia Yerves, java616, and Jenn Woods, who says the squisher makes “the best fresh-squeezed OJ.”.