m-cove-lotThe borough will install pay stations at the recently rebuilt parking lot at the north end of Maple Avenue. (Photo by Dustin Racioppi; click to enlarge)


Be sure to pack a change purse with your kayaks and canoes, river-goers.

Red Bank’s council, as it hinted in recent weeks, plans to reinstitute a pay-to-park policy at the recently repaved 12-spot lot at Maple Cove.

As in other downtown lots, the cost will be 50 cents for an hour and a dime for 10 minutes, according to a proposed amendment to the parking ordinance introduced this week.

When the change, if approved, might become effective is not clear. Borough officials are pricing pay stations to install at the lot.

The pay stations will be “newer, but the same concept as Marine Park,” said Mayor Pasquale Menna.

The lot, at the north end of Maple Avenue, had historically been available only to visitors with permits. But the lot was used as a storage area during construction of the nearby Hovnanian Enterprise headquarters, and when that job ended several years ago, enforcement never returned.

The council still needs to formally approve the change, which is up for a public hearing and a vote on July 13.