Participants bent to 105-degree heat at Synergy Hot Yoga, one of five stops on Sunday’s fitness crawl. (Photos by Danielle Tepper. Click to enlarge)


The Green’s first recorded “fitness crawl” was deemed a sweaty success Sunday as local residentss eager to try new forms of exercise packed five stops throughout a moveable workout cycle.

“How awesome is this?” asked Jen Portman, who has run Synergy Hot Yoga in Fair Haven for the past five years. “There’s a hotbed of different things around here that aren’t well-known. It’s the perfect way to discover what works for you,” she said.

Some newcomers were shocked to discover the sweltering temperature in her studio, but luckily no one fainted.

Also on the itinerary: The Pilates Project in Fair Haven.

The circuit lasted longer than expected due to the volume of interested amateurs. Sandi Vilacoba of The Pilates Project had to hold two sessions.

Participants walked away from the experience feeling healthy and energized, albeit a bit sore.

“I was really excited to try things I’d always wanted to, but never had the chance,” said Jenna Siciliano of Shrewsbury. “Hot yoga and Pilates are completely new to me, so I was excited to try them in a condensed format, for free, and with other novices.”